Complete SportsEngine Integration Is LIVE!

Complete SportsEngine Integration Is LIVE!

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We heard your requests and we got to work. Now, we are happy to report that our full SportsEngine integration is officially live! If your organization uses SportsEngine for registration or for a team management platform, SkillShark is the perfect fit.

What does this mean?

After using SportsEngine for a registration process, users can pull player data directly into their SkillShark account. After the evaluation takes place, teams are exported and ready to be managed within SportsEngine’s team management platform.

How does it work?

Steps for Registration: After setting up a group and navigating to the players page, users will see a button to batch upload. Within this feature, there is a SportsEngine option. A few simple clicks from this point on, and all information will be pulled into the system. With no fuss and no hassle, setting up an evaluation is well on its way.

Steps for Export of Players: After player data as been digitally collected, reports have been ran and teams have been made, there is an “Export to SportsEngine” button. After following this link and making a few simple clicks, rosters will be successfully imported into the team management side of SportsEngine and communications for the season can begin.

Why is this important?

Technology is more pivotal than ever before within the sports industry. Being used in every aspect of youth sports, it is important to keep things simple. The goal is to see coaches and organizations spending less time on administrative tasks, and more time coaching and improving player development.

“SkillShark takes simplifying coaches lives very seriously” – shared Neil Anderson, SkillShark’s Founder and CEO. “Our system is built to save coaches time. Aside from the actual evaluation process, this is an obvious area where we can help organizations to streamline their process. The elimination of administrative tasks is very exciting to us, especially with a system as heavily used as SportsEngine.”

SkillShark CEO smiles and gives thumbs up behind a computer screen

SkillShark’s software simplifies the athlete evaluation process. Allowing for full customization and control, evaluators score athletes from any device of their choosing. Data is instantly uploaded to the system where coaches can view results, create weighted reports, see player progress over time, and stack athletes results visually against each other. SkillShark is modernizing the way tryouts are done.

Want to learn more about SkillShark? We offer free one one one consultations where coaches and groups can be guided through the software and shown how it will work for them. 

Elanne Krainyk

Elanne is SkillShark’s marketing aficionado who is equal parts passionate about sports, marketing and sports marketing. She can usually be found with a golf ball or three in her purse, and her favorite way to spend downtime is out on the course with friends and family.