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Coaches Worth Following on Social Media

Coaches Worth Following on Social Media

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Social media is the best place for people to share their personal lives, build a brand, advertise their business, post tips and tricks, or simply share pictures of cats. One of the best parts about social media is that it is also a place for all types of sports enthusiasts to post helpful content. Coaches are able to provide great content, some sticking to their specific sport while others posting more general knowledge and athletic coaching philosophies for everyone to see. We are constantly inspired and impressed by so many coaches out there and have compiled a list of coaches we guarantee are worth following.   


1. Matt Lisle – @coachlisle

Coach Matt Lisle is the Hitting Analytics Instructor for the Chicago White Sox and is also a prominent name on social media — amassing a current total of 135,000 Twitter followers. His Facebook page, which he also posts to regularly, currently sits at 439,000 likes. Coach Lisle posts some videos that are baseball-specific, but also is known to make several posts about things that are not sport-specific, like mental toughness, preparation and work ethic. His ability to pick up on important issues and share them in an engaging way will keep you inspired and entertained.

2. Eric Cressey – @ericcressey

Eric Cressey is another big baseball figure, per his Twitter bio he is the “Performance coach for over 100 pro baseball players”. While posting mostly baseball-specific content for his 77,000 Twitter and 89,000 Facebook followers, he also posts some excellent strength and conditioning articles and tips that can be used across all sports. Focusing on his specialties and sharing them with the masses, he is a great resource for tips and drills for players of all levels.

3. The Coaches’ Voice – @CoachesVoice

The Coaches Voice is a soccer account on Twitter that posts articles and quotes from some of Ssccer’s top coaches. They also include articles about everything in soccer, from the challenges of sports managing a soccer club to drills and strategies for games. The page is based out of London, England and features several tweets every day. This is a great resource for both players and coaches alike.

4. – @thecoachtube is a multi-sport page that shares clips and articles from some of the sports world’s most successful names, including Nick Saban, Mike Tyson, and Brett Favre. Most of these clips include different athletic coaching beliefs and philosophies for growing your players as both athletes and people. Over 120,000 people currently follow the page, and it is an excellent place for discussion and sharing replies.


1. Coach Jeremy – How To Hockey

Coach Jeremy has exploded as a big name on Facebook after his video, 4-Year-Old Mic’d Up at Hockey, went viral. While posting wholesome content about his son at hockey, Coach Jeremy is also incredibly knowledgeable in the game. He posts quality drills and practices for hockey players that are accessible for all ages. He has risen to 77,000 followers on Facebook, and another 20,000 on Twitter, and we know that number will just continue to rise!

2. Tim Turk Hockey

Tim Turk is a Hockey Shooting Coach who focuses on private sessions, camps, and clinics, as per his Facebook page bio. He has worked with many clients, including some who are in the NHL. Turk posts shooting drills and examples of corrections to make to increase shooting power and accuracy, and he sometimes includes pictures with current and former NHLers whom he has worked with. This page is well-rounded for the sport of hockey and is a great educational tool.

3. Coach Mongero – Winning Baseball

Coach Trent Mongero is a former pro baseball player and current Head Coach at Georgia. He is a prominent social media user, with over 200 videos posted to his YouTube channel, as well as often posting to his Facebook and Twitter pages. He mostly posts practice tips and drills that are baseball-specific, but he mixes in a few quotes and philosophies that can be applied to any sport. Focusing more on videos, Coach Trent captivates his followers with tips and is a great motivational place for people in sports.

4. Athlete Network

Athlete Network is a page on Facebook that posts a wide variety of sport-related articles, some geared toward student-athletes, some towards the parents, and some for the coaches. These articles range from advice for student-athletes in school and after collegiate sports life, articles about ways to be a healthier athlete, and fun articles for everyone in the sports world. It is a quality page for some reading material about anything in youth and collegiate sports, thus becoming a great discussion forum in the comments sections.

We love seeing the nuggets of information that these pages share, and we highly recommend joining in on the education, content and entertainment that they offer. Always feel free to give your own coaches a shoutout on social media as well, especially for Coach Appreciation Day!

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