Challenge #3

The third challenge will test your upper body and core strength. Can you get faster each round?

3 rounds as fast as possible:
  • 10 hand release pushups
  • 10 core tucks

Movement Standards

To ensure fair and accurate scores, we have developed a list of movement standards for each movement. Follow the rules and have fun!

Hand Release Push Ups

  • start in all fours in a plank position with a flat back
  • lower body to the floor, until chest and thighs make contact
  • lift hands off ground, place back down and push back up to a plank

Core Tucks

  • start lying on your back with arms and legs extended
  • swing arms while you tuck your knees, making contact with your fingertips and ankles
  • extend back down and touch fingers/feet to ground

Weekly Challenges

Join us each week for a fun new challenge!

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Challenge 3

May 22 to June 5- Arms and Core

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