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Tips for Evaluators

Tips for Evaluators

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Evaluating athletes during a tryout, camp or clinic is becoming easier than ever before as technologies continue to advance. Evaluation softwares are giving coaches the ability to have all the skills and attributes of an athlete that you want to evaluate in the palm of their hand. By customizing templates, coaches are choosing exactly how they want athletes to be scored, before turning things over to evaluators.

Evaluators have a big job. They need to ensure that athletes are scored accurately and that each score is given the attention, time, and thought that is requires. An evaluation software can help with all of these things. We have compiled a list of our best tips for evaluators to use, even prior to the evaluation beginning.

Using a mobile app for sports assessment

Account Creation: The first tip to athlete evaluation software for evaluators is in account creation. Having your account set up and ready to go before evaluation day makes things easier. Evaluators should use an email address that is readily available for them, and create a password that they can remember easily or can be stored in a safe place. 

Familiarity of Features: After logging into the program, it’s time to become familiar with the software and all of its features. Of course, assigning scores to players is most important, but there are many features along the way that evaluators should be aware of before recording scores. 

  • Video Recording- the ability to quickly record a video of an athlete is an important part of the evaluation. Coaches can view these videos online, or choose to include them in reports to athletes. By knowing where to access this in advance, and understanding how to hold the camera, day of recording will be a breeze.
  • Pre-fill Comments- if organizers have set up pre-fill comments it is easy for evaluators to tap in a list of commonly used feedback for athletes. With a single tap, a comment can be left within a metric for coaches to see. Finding these within the app and understanding options that are available will save time and effort on evaluation day.
  • Voice to Text Comments- evaluators can use the voice to text feature which removes the need for typing, and instead translates spoken word into text to be uploaded with the event. Speaking in a clear voice is necessary, and practicing once or twice is a good idea.
  • Min/Max Feature- while doing an evaluation, evaluators will see a minimum and maximum score beside each metric. This represents the lowest and highest scores they have given to an athlete so far during the evaluation. By understanding and locating this on the devices, evaluators will be equipped to use the handy tool during evaluations. This will save questioning abilities from other groups or athletes and allow evaluators to be confident in the scores given.

Evaluators who need to digitalize their athlete evaluation process by using the SkillShark app.

Familiarity of App Evaluators are encouraged to navigate through the evaluation software prior to the evaluation beginning. By getting new events, maneuvering through players, and understanding how the application works, evaluators will have confidence the day of the event. 

When it comes to an evaluation software, our goal at SkillShark is to make your evaluation, tryout or camp process go smoother than ever before. We understand the many kids that evaluators see each day and make that process easier through the evaluation. Evaluators play a large part in each and every athletic event and by being set up for success, the event is likely to run smoother than ever before.

SkillShark is easy to learn, and perfect to share with your fellow coaches and friends! Evaluators are sure to see the difference that using an athlete assessment software makes. Even within the free evaluator accounts, SkillShark offers access to the referral program in order for evaluators earn rewards for sharing what SkillShark is all about. 

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Elanne Krainyk

Elanne is SkillShark’s marketing aficionado who is equal parts passionate about sports, marketing and sports marketing. She can usually be found with a golf ball or three in her purse, and her favorite way to spend downtime is out on the course with friends and family.