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The Future of Hockey: How Technology Is Changing The Game

The Future of Hockey: How Technology Is Changing The Game

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Adaptability is important for any coach, whether it’s a new technology, process, or plan. Your ability to adapt as a coach is key to improving your players’ overall performance. Now more than ever, software and team app ingenuity have provided both coaches and players with opportunities that were never available. Data transparency is significantly helping minor hockey organizations improve. Access to historical player data allows coaches to make better, more informed decisions on and off the ice while providing coaches with improved accuracy when making top player selections.

For coaches, accessible data can lead to more effective coaching and training, providing greater insight into their players. In many cases, what was typically done using pen and paper can now be done with the click of a button in a coaching app.

Technology, including team apps, has greatly contributed to building winning teams within a team’s app.

We’re in the “information era” of hockey coaching. Adapting to technology will save you time and significantly help your coaching methods while pushing your players to new heights.

Mike Sullivan’s group won the Stanley Cup with a north-south approach caters to “analytics hockey,” as breaking the barrier.

All scores report. Once scores are given, they will automatically be populated on the all scores report. Hockey coaches can look at scores by metric (i.e., Passing, skating, shooting), or further refine scores by skill breakdown.

Aaron Wilbur, the CEO and founder of The Coaches Site, speaks of his experience with SkillShark as a coaching app, sharing the countless ways technology has helped his organization. Aaron works with minor hockey associations, governing bodies, charitable organizations, and strategic partners to enhance the experience of young athletes who are passionate about hockey and use our hockey app.

SkillShark is currently saving coaches over 50+ hours when it comes to evaluating athletes. If you’re interested to try the software or learn how it works. Select a time HERE for a free presentation and 25 25-player trial account.

Michelle Corry

Michelle is SkillShark’s dedicated marketing cognoscente. She is an avid athlete, dedicated professional, marketer and creative visionary. Michelle lived and breathed sports most of her life, being awarded athlete of the year back in early 2000, including a rugby scouting invitation from Team Canada. SkillShark has changed her perception entirely in terms of what she thought was possible in sports evaluation today.