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The Competitive Advantage Of Using A Player Evaluation Software

The Competitive Advantage Of Using A Player Evaluation Software

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When we think of sports, we think of competition. While the assumption is usually made for players on the court or field, there is a high level of competition off the playing surface as well. Competition is on the rise for third-party academies, camps and coaching groups, and finding ways to differentiate has never been more important.

Enter player evaluation software. A cost-effective, easy-to-use software that enables coaches to score players on any metrics and analyze those scores through a variety of reports.

What are the advantages of using player evaluation software?

Player evaluation software eliminates data entry, provides feedback to athletes in a professional reporting format, and overall saves coaches time from having to setup spreadsheets and use Excel to try and analyze that data themselves.

Competitive Advantage #1: Time Savings

We get it: you have one hundred things on your to-do list today, and the realistic goal is to check off fifteen of them.  There are never enough hours in the day! By using a software system that is specifically designed for evaluating and scoring athletes, time savings will be seen in many ways.


Competitive Advantage #2: Easy Set Up

Contractors and third-party coaches will see small groups, large groups, and everything in between. Each group comes with set-up tasks, including practice planning and structuring the flow of the event. On top of that, administration tasks like spreadsheets or printouts must be completed for each group. Talk about a headache! An athlete evaluation software eliminates the tedious setup of spreadsheets and printouts by walking admins through an easy online process. These templates are stored to be edited or used again (and again!) in the future. 


 Competitive Advantage #3. Eliminate Data Entry

With current processes, it is either unthinkable to report data back to customers, or it takes hours of time to transcribe collected data onto the computer.  By using athlete evaluation software, results are immediately uploaded at the touch of a button and are awaiting analysis the second it is opened up on a desktop device.

Competitive Advantage #4: Proof of Performance

Businesses that can communicate and execute are way more likely to succeed than those that cannot. A huge advantage of using sports evaluation software is increased communication. It is simple math, really: increased communication = happy customers = reoccurring revenues. 

By using athlete evaluation software, feedback can be given instantly in a professional reporting format. After results are collected using any chosen device, data is instantly made available. With the click of a button, it can be shared with customers so that they can see progress made and areas that still need work and development. 

Competitive Advantage #5: Brand Differentiation

In today’s world of digital media and increased competition, there is a lot of noise to get through in order to connect with coaches, teams, and parents. Brands across the world are struggling to find ways in order to differentiate their brand. It is important to continually add value for your customers.

Professionally branded reports

A good athlete evaluation software should allow you to easily incorporate a business logo onto the reports that will go to parents or coaches. In this quick process, you will solidify your brand name on every report that gets sent out.

Creating marketing content

By having concrete data that an athlete evaluation software provides, there will be stats and figures to use for marketing. With consent from athletes and parents, there would be the potential to feature players who have seen success, acquire testimonials from customers, and share tangible results. All of this is made readily available and can be applied to any sort of business marketing to help differentiate the business from the rest of the market.

“So, how do I go about using something like this into my business?”

We are glad you asked this, too!

SkillShark has made it accessible and affordable for businesses and organizations to use the software. Priced at $5/Athlete/Year, we are the most affordable program on the market. We always offer a trial of 25 players so that groups can confirm it will work for them.

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