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How An Athlete Evaluation Software Removes Data Entry

How An Athlete Evaluation Software Removes Data Entry

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Whether your sports organization has a group of full-time employees, a crew of volunteer coaches, or you are running evaluations on your own, everyone is looking to find extra time. The removal of data entry is one of the main features that make evaluation software so attractive to groups due to the fact that it can save so much time. 

Data entry typically occurs at the end of an evaluation or tryout when coaches need to input all collected data in a short period of time. An evaluation software works to eliminate this, by creating a user-friendly process to avoid this step. Here is how it is done: 

The Set Up

It is common for groups and organizations to have excel documents or PDF printouts of all the metrics that they wish to evaluate for an event. Traditionally, these are handed over to the evaluators running the evaluation, where hand-scribbled notes are taken. While using a software solution, an organization or coach can take their specific metrics and input them into completely customizable software. There is no need to print out these forms or templates, evaluators are able to score athletes using the device of their choosing. Coaches can feel confident that all data coming back to them is exactly what they want to see and that it will be usable for their specific tryout.

The Evaluation

Coaches predetermine who will be able to see their metrics and score the evaluations by adding people as evaluators. This is a simple process, in which the evaluators get an email request. By following the steps laid out, they now have access to score the evaluations with the metrics that have been set.

Evaluators can use any device of their choosing to score athletes. The mobile app is designed to work offline, where data services or wifi may not be available. The online web browser option will work anywhere that there is a reliable network connection. Either option offers evaluators the opportunity to input the necessary data.

Data Collection

Depending on which data collection method is used, data is either uploaded at the end of an event, or automatically after each new input is made. The scores, videos, and notes are instantly made available to the administrators and creators of the group. The admin has the option to view an evaluator table, which shows them who has submitted data and who they are still waiting on. Once all data is there, coaches can begin viewing the results.

So, what do the coaches see?

With zero data entry necessary, coaches see the data that was collected by all of their evaluators. With SkillShark, they can view this in a few different formats:

  • Individual Reports- this separates data for each player to be viewed individually. It includes comments and notes made by the evaluators. These reports can be exported to a PDF with or without the evaluator’s comments.
  • Roster Reports- this report will showcase all collected scores for each player, and display them in a grid like format. This report can also be exported immediately to a pdf.
  • Table View- within the table view, scores are seen as submitted by each evaluator.
  • Export of Data- submitted data can be exported out of SkillShark and into an excel workbook

SkillShark Athlete Evaluations enables coaches to save incredible amounts of time by using intuitive and affordable software. 

Here is what one user had to say…

SkillShark Athlete Evaluations will help to save time and completely eliminate data entry for your organization. Spend less time punching numbers, and more time using the data that was collected.

We offer free 60 minute web demos for everyone who is interested in learning more about the SkillShark platform. Each demo is done by one of our team members, who all have an athletic or coaching background. 

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