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Coach Evaluation Tips

Coach Evaluation Tips

Youth Sports •

The start of a good season stems from a well-organized evaluation process. While there are many elements needed to create a successful evaluation, here are our top three coach evaluation tips:

1. Communicate with your evaluators

Evaluators are the glue that holds a tryout together. It is incredibly important to ensure that evaluators have an understanding of everything prior to the evaluation taking place. Be sure to discuss the key points to look for in each skill, as well as tips and tricks at each station. Discuss how the players will move through the drills, and ensure that you answer any questions before the evaluations begin. We suggest having multiple evaluators at each station to increase results, while also avoiding any potential bias.

2. Understand the evaluation metrics

When beginning a season, there are many metrics that you will want to evaluate athletes on. It is important to be realistic about what is possible within the time period that you have. Things can get hectic and take a little more time the day of, so by understanding and rehearsing drills and transitions, you will be confident in the structure of the evaluation. Be sure to go through each drill or station enough times so that the evaluators can gain accurate results. 

3. Visualization what success looks like

We have previously talked about the importance of visualization in youth athletes. There are many articles that give suggestions for visualizations in young athletes, including viewing the moment as a spectator. This is a great piece of advice for coaches setting up evaluations as well! It is important for coaches to think about all the details of the event, and what it would look like for someone watching the tryout take place. From the registration process to running drills, all components should work harmoniously. The question to ask would be:

  • Does it appear organized?
  • Are there enough people at a station for each particular drill?
  • Where will all the equipment be and who is moving it onto the field as needed?
  • How will you handle walk-ons? 

By mapping out potential problems and visualizing the solution ahead of time, tryouts will go significantly smoother.

If you want to go one step further, consider digitalizing your evaluation process! Join thousands in using our Athlete Evaluation Software. Customize your metrics, score evaluations from a phone or tablet, and immediately generate reports. 

Elanne Krainyk

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