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7 Best Baseball Coaching Apps

7 Best Baseball Coaching Apps

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This article shares our top picks for the best baseball coaching apps that will make your life a lot easier. We’ve selected a variety of top baseball apps and platforms that will significantly help improve your game.

As a coach, having access to the right tools will allow you to feel prepared on the field while improving the way you communicate with athletes.

A good coach directly impacts players’ decision-making skills while helping them build confidence. It’s important to recognize the strong connection your players have with you, including the impact you leave with them outside the game of baseball.

We know, baseball coaches are often juggling multiple things at once. With so many things to think about, it’s important to consider the technology that can help enhance your coaching and save you time.

Today, coaches have access to exceptional baseball training platforms, coaching apps, and instrumentation that can really help both coaches and players succeed.

Whether creating drills or practice plans, reviewing gameplay, improving player development, to evaluating players. The technology you need can often be obtained right from your smartphone. With everything so accessible nowadays, getting up to speed with technology can really help take the weight off, while significantly improving your efficiency both in practice, games, and most importantly on the player development side.

7 Best Baseball Coaching Apps

pocket radar best baseball apps

1) Pocket Radar

Pocket Radar is the new era in speed radar technology, transforming the way in which players and coaches understand the importance of speed and data.

Measure and improve baseball hitting & pitching metrics

Using the Smart Coach baseball radar gun, dial in different pitch speeds to keep hitters off balance, improve fielding arm strength, and increase hitting power by measuring exit velocity.

  • Hitters: Beat the defence reaction time with hard-hit line drives
  • Pitchers: Incorporate off-speed pitches to disrupt the hitter’s timing
  • Catchers: Improve pop-time so base-runners second guess stealing
  • Fielders: Build arm strength and make the tough plays look easy

Available Smart Coach app system

The first affordable, complete speed and video training system that empowers the modern athlete and coach in many sports with the ability to create and share a digital record of their progress. Smart Coach will allow coaches to integrate with a handful of leading software and apps, as well as view and share videos with speed embedded, including tracking player progress.

Cost: Basic units start at $299, The New Smart Coach Technology can be obtained for only $399

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2) TeamSnap

As a coach, registration, and team management are important for organizing your season, and more often than not, this process can be quite tedious. TeamSnap makes it easier to organize your season and will take care of everything from scheduling to attendance and communication.

League or team administrators

Access to registration, payments, communication, scheduling, and reporting to bring you a true all-in-one club solution. With the next evolution of TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues, you have everything you need to manage your baseball clubs and teams into a solution your administrators, coaches, managers, and parents will love to use.

Coach or team manager

From team chat, last-minute alerts, and scheduling — to assignments, payment collection, and real-time game sharing — we offer a variety of features and plans tailored to fit your needs.

The days of going to the wrong field or packing the wrong jersey are gone. Parents love TeamSnap because they simplify team coordination and communication with free access to features that make sure parents never miss a memory

Cost: Freeware or basic packages starting at $9.99/month

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blast motion baseball top apps

3) Blast Motion

Blast baseball is the #1 hitting improvement solution in the game, trusted by more pro college, elite travel ball and academy teams, coaches, and players. Turn your ordinary baseball bat into a smart bat and dominate at the plate.

Swing metrics & AI

Blast combines pre-impact and post-impact swing metrics and real-time hitting insights. Swing visualizations help you understand the relationship between cause and effect for a good or bad swing.

Advanced player performance insights

Blast IQ™ automatically assesses and scores every swing to provide you with actionable improvement insights. A simple green, yellow, or red visual indicator identifies your focus area, with drills and recommendations for improvement.

3D swing tracer & mobile video analysis

Review an angle in video or 3D with metrics overlays, make adjustments, and see results in real time, or export and share.

Baseball training content

Find training drills and learn how to improve on specific metrics when using the app – all designed to help athletes train smarter and improve their game.

Cost: $99.95-$149.95 (for personal swing trainers and Swing Analyzers (sensors) + optional $59/player/month (premium service for players/parents)

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SkillShark software best baseball apps top

4) SkillShark Athlete Evaluations

SkillShark is a baseball player evaluation app started by a coach who wanted to improve the pen-and-paper evaluation process. This baseball evaluation tool will completely take away administration pains during tryouts and showcase events. SkillShark completely eliminates any data entry and provides baseball coaches with instant rankings and evaluation results.

SkillShark is completely customizable, meaning you can measure any skill and metric right from your smartphone or tablet.

Instant results

By using SkillShark’s Evaluation App to evaluate baseball players, you will instantly have access to all your evaluation data in one place. This means when evaluators use the app to score players, results are automatically calculated.

When you use SkillShark’s Evaluation App to assess baseball players, you gain instant access to all your evaluation data in one centralized platform. As evaluators score players using the app, the results are automatically calculated. This means coaches can swiftly view player rankings, compare top performers, track player progress, and efficiently draft players to teams. The efficiency of this app is truly remarkable, as it eliminates administrative tasks during evaluations, saving coaches an average of 30 to 50 hours or more per event.

SkillShark is not just a baseball tryout evaluation app; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers coaches, enhances team management, and simplifies the evaluation process. Whether you’re looking for a baseball teams app, a baseball coach app, or a baseball tournament app, SkillShark is the ultimate tool to elevate your baseball coaching experience. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to streamlined, data-driven player evaluations with SkillShark.

Improved communication with players and parents

After each evaluation, you will have the ability to send or view individual performance reports. Report cards will display any video taken at the tryout, score averages compared to the group, and feedback left by evaluators. These reports are customizable, meaning you can easily show or hide any information you choose. Data transparency has been proven to help players greatly improve year over year.

With SkillShark you will have access to:

  • Easy mobile evaluations
  • Instant player report cards
  • Live leaderboards
  • Player progress tracking
  • Player development resource library
  • Player comparison charts
  • Drafting & team creation
  • Registration integration
  • Player attendance & check-in
  • Unlimited evaluation events
  • Unlimited evaluators

Cost: Unlimited Free Trial, starting at only $5/player annually

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SkillShark testimonial video review

Customer Testimonials

What Are Coaches Saying About ‘SkillShark Evaluations?’ Watch the video to learn more.

5) Rapsodo

Trusted by the best in the game, our industry-leading player development tools are used by all 30 MLB teams and can be found at more than 2,000 colleges and facilities across the U.S.

Camera radar technology

Rapsodo helps athletes improve performance with data-driven technology. Rapsodo camera and radar technology provides accurate, pro-level data. Their products work together seamlessly connecting mechanics with hitting and pitching data.

Measures baseball hitting pitching metrics and improves mechanics

From pitch design to rehab, adding MPH to their exit velocity or improving launch angles, Rapsodo technology allows the best players in the game to get instant feedback on their performance.

  • Create a winning pitch arsenal using data points including pitch velocity, spin rate, spin efficiency,
  • Adjust your mechanics to create your perfect swing, measuring landing location alongside exit velocity, launch angle, direction, and spin axis data points
  • Make mechanical adjustments rep after rep using their high-speed, slow-motion camera
  • Manage and analyze player data 

Cost: $3000 – $6000+

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6) GameChanger

Managing your baseball team is a lot of work… so we made it easier with GameChanger. Stream your games, score the action and connect with fans.

Easy-to-use scorekeeping tools

Our intuitive scorekeeping experience makes scoring your games easier than ever. You’ll gather stats allowing you to make informed decisions to help your team win.

  • Pitch count tracking
  • In-game play editing
  • 150+ season stats
  • Batting and pitching spray charts
  • Filter stats by sets of games
  • League pitch count reports
  • Set lineups ahead of time

Live video streaming features

Stream your games live from GameChanger and bring the action straight to everyone. It’s free to stream and watch on iOS and Android devices.

Easier team management on the web

The Staff Portal, currently in beta with new features being added regularly, is perfect if you prefer to do important tasks on your computer.

  • Schedule events
  • Manage your roster and team
  • View team and player stats
  • Set starting lineups

GameChanger Features

Always free for coaches. Plus and Premium subscriptions can be purchased in the app to elevate your game-day experience. Paid Features Include:

  • Live Player-by-plays & Game Recap
  • Box Scores & Live Game Alerts
  • Season Stats
  • Spray Charts
  • Highlight clipping

Cost: Free -$74.99/year

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7) Vevolve

If you’re a coach, you might be looking to connect with athletes for private lessons/additional coaching opportunities. What if you had a platform that would connect you with athletes globally, and video technology that would help you evolve your players’ game altogether? Vevolve video technology connects students and coaches and is not dependent on location or skill, making valuable coaching attainable for everyone.

Coach profiles

Every coach has a Vevolve profile that highlights specific skillsets and credentials, letting you get to know athletes prior to committing. Athletes can read your reviews and view lesson rates upfront.

Video technology

Built with the latest video technology, Vevolve lets coaches connect with athletes, enabling athletes to share practice and performance videos and get feedback in the most personal, challenging, and innovative way possible.

Cost: Free

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The Top Baseball Coaching Apps to Elevate Your Game

star icon skillshark

What are the best baseball coaching apps featured in this article, and how can they benefit coaches and players?

This article showcases the top baseball coaching apps designed to make coaching easier and improve the game. These apps cover various aspects, from measuring player performance to enhancing team management and communication.

star icon skillshark

Why is technology important for baseball coaches, and how can it enhance coaching efforts?

Technology provides coaches with valuable tools to streamline tasks, communicate effectively, and analyze player performance. These apps help coaches save time, create better practice plans, and make data-driven decisions to enhance player development.

star icon skillshark

What is Pocket Radar, and how can it be used to measure baseball hitting and pitching metrics?

Pocket Radar is a cutting-edge radar technology that measures pitch speeds, ball exit velocity, fielding arm strength, and more. It helps coaches and players understand the importance of speed and data in baseball training and performance improvement.

star icon skillshark

How can TeamSnap simplify team management and communication for baseball coaches?

TeamSnap is a comprehensive solution for team management, including registration, scheduling, attendance tracking, and communication. It streamlines administrative tasks, making it easier for coaches to organize their baseball season.

star icon skillshark

What is Blast Motion, and how does it help improve baseball hitting performance?

Blast Motion is a leading hitting improvement solution. It provides real-time swing metrics, performance insights, and video analysis to help baseball players improve their hitting mechanics and make data-informed adjustments.

star icon skillshark

How does SkillShark Athlete Evaluations revolutionize the player evaluation process for baseball coaches?

SkillShark is a player evaluation app designed to eliminate administrative hassles during tryouts and showcase events. It offers instant access to evaluation data, player rankings, and performance reports, making player assessment efficient and data-driven.

star icon skillshark

What sets SkillShark apart from other baseball evaluation tools, and how can it benefit coaches and players?

SkillShark is highly customizable, allowing coaches to measure any baseball skill or metric. It provides live leaderboards, player progress tracking, and a player development resource library, enhancing communication between coaches, players, and parents.

star icon skillshark

What is Rapsodo, and how does it enhance baseball player development through data-driven technology?

Rapsodo offers camera and radar technology that provides accurate data on baseball hitting and pitching metrics. It helps players improve performance by offering insights based on data points like pitch velocity, spin rate, and launch angle.

star icon skillshark

How does GameChanger simplify baseball team management and scorekeeping for coaches?

GameChanger provides easy-to-use scorekeeping tools, pitch count tracking, and live video streaming features. It streamlines team management tasks and offers comprehensive season stats and in-game play editing.

star icon skillshark

What is Vevolve, and how does it connect coaches and athletes for private lessons and coaching opportunities?

Vevolve is a platform that connects coaches with athletes globally, offering video technology to facilitate remote coaching. Coaches can create profiles showcasing their skills and credentials, while athletes can share videos for personalized feedback.

star icon skillshark

How can coaches and athletes benefit from using Vevolve’s video technology and platform?

How can coaches and athletes benefit from using Vevolve’s video technology and platform? A11: Vevolve’s video technology allows coaches to provide personalized coaching and athletes to receive feedback, making coaching accessible to everyone regardless of location or skill level. Coaches and athletes can connect, share videos, and improve the game together.Vevolve’s video technology allows coaches to provide personalized coaching and athletes to receive feedback, making coaching accessible to everyone regardless of location or skill level. Coaches and athletes can connect, share videos, and improve the game together.

Michelle Corry

Michelle is SkillShark’s dedicated marketing cognoscente. She is an avid athlete, dedicated professional, marketer and creative visionary. Michelle lived and breathed sports most of her life, being awarded athlete of the year back in early 2000, including a rugby scouting invitation from Team Canada. SkillShark has changed her perception entirely in terms of what she thought was possible in sports evaluation today.