Benefits of Running a Mid-Season Evaluation

Benefits of Running a Mid-Season Evaluation

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We can all agree that a well executed evaluation sets the tone for the year. Modern day technologies prove to make the process even simpler and athletes, coaches and parents all benefit from the data that is produced. 

With evaluations being such an important piece of the coaching puzzle, mid-season evaluations should not be overlooked. The more feedback that can be collected, the better off that players, coaches, and parents will all be. This mid-season evaluation is pivotal for athlete development.

We break down the benefits for athletes, coaches, and parents alike.


  • When athletes are given feedback after preseason evaluations, they have the duration of the season to work on areas of weakness. By having unbiased evaluators complete midseason evaluations, they are able to understand if their efforts are paying off. By seeing results, they can either shift their focus to work on different skills, or continue on the improvement path they are on. The insight given will drive their motivation forward.

Young baseball player takes long strides as he runs around the bases


  • Coaches work all season to develop good athletes that are also good people. A mid-season evaluation is a great way for coaches to see progress, and to measure their coaching action plan. If there are skills and drills where the players as a group rank low, it can encourage coaches to go back to the drawing board and shift focus to specific skills. Mid-season evaluations also offer coaches the opportunity to provide tangible results to their players and families in a professional report. 

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  • It is no secret that parents love feedback. Often, the season gets busy and coaches do not always have time to give individual feedback to each player (especially in a professional report format!). By having a mid season evaluation, coaches can provide unbiased information that will satisfy the parents need. This information can then be used on an individual basis to make development decisions. Parents can take these reports to private contractors if they wish, and gain skill specific coaching. If mid-season evaluations are not done, the only time parents will get feedback is the beginning of the year. Just as report cards are given in school, it is important that regular feedback is given in the season as well. A mid-season evaluation is a great way to satisfy all these needs of the parent.

Baseball player dives to get to home plate as catcher dives to tag him with the ball in his glove.

The common denominator amongst all three of these groups is the need for information. Mid-season evaluations provide this, especially when SkillShark is used. By making the set up process easier for coaches, saving them hours and days of data entry, and providing instant feedback to players and parents, it is in reach to complete an effortless mid-season evaluation that will better the experience for all players.

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